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SMapls_IP_EBP_12 Error Patch

09 February 2012 - 03:41 AM

Hello gentlemen, I know this is probably to WRONG place to ask this but....I'm trying to run Command & Conquer Red Alert Windows 95 version, on Windows XP I HAVE it installed and such I keep getting the error "SMapls_IP_EBP_12" which I have been told is a missing function. I was also told it can be fixed with a game patch. I figured since you guys are the game developers you would know where I can get the parch. Please help Thanks guys
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  • kl4ndri

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07 March 2012 - 11:37 PM

Semi right place. There's this forum which is not very active and another one whose name I can't remember. Something like "strike-team.net" or something... I have no idea how active they are...

Anyway, lucky for you this is located in the top sticky that says: "Common problems, look here first" and since I'm in a good mood I'll copy and paste that patch download link for you:

Red Alert's v3.03 patch updates Red Alert to the most recent version:

Edit: Hmm... Didn't realize this was a month old thread, (s)he'll probably never check this site again...
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